Reminiscing Elaquent


Hip Hop Free Download : Elaquent, Oldies

Bring Back Sweet memories !
Elaquent nous a offert un jolie cadeau récemment sur son profil. En attendant la sortie de ses prochains projets, le producteur canadien nous offre un petit throwback de ses premières productions qui s'intitule Oldies.
Merci Elaquent!

Recently Elaquent offered us a nice gift on his profil. Before the release of his upcoming projects, the canadian producer gives us a throwback of his first productions entitled Oldies.
Thank you Elaquent!

Elaquent - Oldies tracklist:

1. Velocity (Beige)
2. The Love
3. Bedroom Eyes (Venetian Red)
4. Chasing Amy (Cosmic Latte)
5. Graffiti High
6. Stars Aligned
7. One for Blue (Cerulean)
8. Sleep Walking
9. Too Good (One for Isaac)
10. Qing Dynasty (Copper)
11. Journey to Marseille (Olive)
12. Daylight Savings
13. Neon Glow
14. Flyy (Magnolia)
15. Dutch Canadian

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